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Educator Summit

Empowering educators to teach quantum computing today

About the Event

The IBM Quantum Educator Summit is a yearly conference aimed at empowering teachers and professors to teach quantum computing using the most cutting edge tools. The Educator Summit will introduce educators to the resources offered by IBM Quantum, and guide them on getting set-up to use these tools and resources with their students. No prior experience with Qiskit or IBM Quantum is required to participate.

The Educator Summit is a collaborative event, so expect to hear from IBM researchers, active teachers, non-profit leaders, and more. Attendees will receive training from IBM Researchers on quantum programming tools such as 

the IBM Quantum Composer and open-source Qiskit software development kit, hear directly from educators who have already taught quantum computing in their classrooms, receive new curriculum tools and training, and network with like-minded attendees. We aim to prepare all participants to be able to integrate at least one quantum computing concept into their class.

IBM Quantum is committed to celebrating the diversity of our field and enabling people from all backgrounds 

and walks of life to excel in quantum computing. We welcome the participation of—and hope to cater 

our events to—all members of the global quantum community.

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Who Should Attend

Graduate Educators

Undergrad Educators

High School Teachers

IBM Quantum's Investment in Education

Digital learning channels like the Qiskit Textbook, Qiskit YouTube, and the Qiskit Medium

Partnerships with The Coding School, the IBM Quantum HBCU Center, and over 250 institutions using the Educator's Program

Working directly with students and educators in academia.






Over 15,000 students 

have participated in Qiskit events on their campuses, empowered by IBM Quantum.

More than 340 courses being taught using IBM Quantum's tools and learning platform across 120 countries.

These initiatives and partnerships amount to an investment of over

$100M in the last five years supporting open quantum computing education.

Educated over 3 million people on quantum computing.

Featured Tools and Resources

The Educator Summit will demonstrate how to use each of these within your classroom to enable you and your students to run experiments, access real devices, create a syllabus, and more.

Qiskit Learning Platform

The Qiskit Textbook and Syllabus Platform are offered 

to educators to build and customize content based on their actual course. Integrate material from our Summer Schools, YouTube channel, 

and more alongside pre-made problem sets and grader challenges.

Open Quantum Hardware and Simulators

Get access to a fleet of quantum devices for you and your students to use for free, in the classroom and at home, powered by the IBM Cloud. Gain access to higher qubit machines, scheduled run times, and more through the Educator's Program.

Qiskit SDK

Qiskit is an open-source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits, and application modules. It's extremely robust and can be used for everything from simple tutorials to deep analysis. It includes features like Pulse, Runtime, and more to help educators run experiments with their classes.

IBM Quantum Labs

In Quantum Lab, you can write scripts that combine Qiskit code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text in a customized Jupyter Notebook environment — no installation required. 

Run code on real quantum hardware or simulators. 

Store, access, and manage your files from anywhere.

Highlights from the 2022 Educator Summit

Keynote Address
Dr. Tom Wong

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